Could Less Miles Traveled For Pittsburgh Steelers Help With Wins?

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play eight road games just like every other team in the NFL.  They will just be doing it with the least amount of miles on the odometer than any other team during the 2014 season.

Last season the Steelers accumulated the most miles racked up by an NFL team due to the London game and a West Coast game out in Oakland.  This season is a completely different travel song, and the team will have the least miles accumulated according to CBS’ John Breech.  Some might view this as trivial, but it could tip the scales for the Steelers as the season wears along.

You’ll remember that many too head coach Mike Tomlin to task for waiting for so long before having the team travel to London.  Many felt that jet lag could have played a factor in the Steelers loss (albeit nowhere near the main factor) to a Minnesota Vikings team that arrived in London days before their opponents.  Poor coaching more than poor location in my opinion, but if they didn’t have to cross that many time zones in the first place, then having to mess with internal clocks is one less thing to worry about.  How many time zones to the Steelers cross in 2014? Just one (and only once), and it’s only as far as the central time zone.   As you can see from Pro Football References Travel Map, the Steelers only go as far west as Nashville, Tennessee.

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Could less miles mean more wins for the Steelers?  They start the season with four of their first six games on the road.  Less miles traveled could actually help at a time like that.  Teams that travel a ton of miles during the season tend to struggle during stretches of the season.  Just ask any West Coast team that has to hit up the East Coast a few times during the season.

One other interesting thing to note is that the Steelers fellow AFC North Division mates are also teams that are traveling less than most of the other teams.  The Steelers travel the fewest, the Browns are next least at 31st, the Bengals are 29th, and the Ravens are 25th.  The Raiders are the most traveled – going to London from L.A. and back will tend to do that.

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  • SamyyCiao

    This would have helped all the old guys from the last 2 years that are now gone – we have a young team now and while it does make some sense this theory – younger you are more able you are to handle are travel – ask any flight attendant – hopefully a hot one while your in bed with her LOL!

  • endofthedial

    You misused the word “less” in your headline. “Less” applies to things that are not discrete or countable. For instance, you could gave written, “Could Less Travel for Pittsburgh Steelers Help With Wins?” “Fewer” is for things that are discrete and countable, like miles, dollars, trees, people, etc. thus your headline should have been “Could Fewer Miles Traveled For Pittsburgh Steelers Help With Wins?”

    • endofthedial

      Likewise, most of the time when you use “least” in the article you should have used “fewer.”

      That said, I do find hope in this article that less travel might contribute towards a better record for the Steelers this year. Thanks for that insight!

    • David Dedo

      You are correct, but it can be tricky with distance.



      There are exceptions to these rules; for example, it is customary to use the word less to describe time, money, and distance (2, 3). For example, you could say, “That wedding reception lasted less than two hours. I hope they paid the band less than $400.” So keep in mind that time, money, and distance are different, but if you stick with the quick and dirty tip that less is for mass nouns and fewer is for count nouns, you’ll be right most of the time.

      The Steelers will travel fewer miles this year.
      The Steelers will have less travel this year.
      1800 miles is less than 2400 miles.