Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Bold Predictions

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In case anybody needs a reminder (I’m sure most of you don’t), the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off of their second straight 8-8, playoff-less season, and are in the process of having one of the biggest roster overhauls in quite a few years. Keeping all of that in mind, it’s time to enter my views in the “way too early predictions” category, with some bold predictions for the rest of 2014. When you are tearing me to shreds in the comments remember these are called BOLD predictions for a reason.

Let’s start with…

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  • http://a-just-society.blogspot.com jakepgh

    I like your rushing forecast. What fans often forget is that a dominant rushing game means dominant time of possession, which in turn means an always-fresh defense. Remember Mr. Bill’s 100-1 record when up 11 points? Slow down the game & rest the D. That’s what ToP will do for you.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

      Right. Then everybody can stop worrying about Tomlin’s clock management so much and focus on the good things he brings to the table.

      • craig

        Tomlin’s proper clock management could count for one win all by itself as so not playing Ben when he obviously hurt, other than that I see 10-11 wins this year and a foundation for a solid future play-off contention team, a heralded head coaching job and Ben becoming a noted field general behind a no-huddle Off. Go Steelers!

        • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

          That may be true but if we had one of those other clowns that some teams hire as head coach who knows what kind of mess we would be in. Tomlin isnt perfect just like any other coach but he is definitely one of the better ones when it comes to keeping the team going and motivated. Plus hes fun to watch.

  • St Petersburg Florida

    I agree with the bold predictions except for Shaq supplanting Ike to start the season and 2 1,000 yard RBs. Perhaps Week 9 or 10 or due to injury but I can’t see Coaches Tomlin and LeBeau entrusting that backfield to Shaquille at the start of what could be an 8-0 start to the season. I shall make some BOLD predictions: Markus & Dri will get just as many touches or more than Martavis even though Martavis will earn the starting job. The RBs will share the love and so will the WRs. Antonio will be the only WR to reach 1,000 yards, though. LeVeon will be the only RB to reach 1,000.


    Ike Taylor is washed up, but the fact that you suggested Shaquille Richardson will start in week one illustrates that you didn’t watch very much, if any, Pac 12 football over the last four years.

    Also, if the Steelers are going to supposedly have two 1,000+yards rushers, doesn’t that mean the offense’s best player, Big Ben, is essentially cast aside? Keep in mind that four of the league’s top 10 rushing offenses last fall failed to even make the postseason and the fact that Pittsburgh has a Pro Bowl quarterback and plenty of speed and weapons to utilize in the passing game.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

      So what youre saying is six out of the top ten rushing offenses DID make the playoffs? And six of twelve playoff teams, which is half for those bad at math, were in the top ten in rushing? Yep sounds like a good rushing offense is a bad goal to have.

      Big Ben and those weapons will be used plenty, but it wont be forced like it has been lately. They will be able to control the game and use the passing game as necessary for strategic reasons rather than having to play catchup all the time. Just because there is a good qb and fast receivers doesnt mean they have to throw the ball 100 times per game.


        I’m not opposed to them running the ball. Moreover, where did I state that running the ball effectively was a “bad goal” to have? Nor am I stating that they need to throw the ball 100 times per game, but look at the way they successfully ran last year: by setting it up w/the passing game and 3+ WR sets. You also realize that teams can control the clock with an effective passing game, right? It’s what New England, Indianapolis and essentially every other team that has carved Dick LeBeau’s defenses over the last decade have done.

        When they tried to run the ball early & often with stacked boxes last year they essentially neutered Big Ben and didn’t play to Bell’s strengths by plunging a back with his skill-set into fronts with 8+ guys. That’s why they were behind in so many games early in the season (2nd Baltimore game was a perfect example), Todd Haley desperately wanted to play 1970′s style football & it cost him and his team with that idiotic strategy which opposing DC’s could smell from a mile away.

        You know the reason the Steelers were forced to pass so often? Because they were digging themselves out of 7-10-14-etc. point holes which they fell into because Haley was busy “establishing” the run.

        Pass to get the lead & utilize the explosive weapons, allow Bell to face defenses in sub-packages with smaller personnel on the field to get to the 2nd level easier, then run to salt the clock towards the end of the game with the likes of Bell & Blount with defenses already on their heels.

        It’s when and where they ran I had an issue with. Even if they increase their numbers of carries, there’s no way both Bell & Blount reach 1K this fall if Haley employs the idiotic strategy he did last season with the ground game. Of course, if he tries to appease the Yinzers again, they’re destined for another long postseason-less campaign.