Feb 6, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey (left) and Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey (right) watch the Los Angeles Clippers and the Orlando Magic during the first quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers Make a Mistake By Giving Maurkice Pouncey a Massive Contract?

Just one month after the Pittsburgh Steelers made Maurkice Pouncey the highest paid center in NFL history, his name has recently been in the news for yet another off the field incident down in Miami.  Both he and his twin brother Mike could be facing a lawsuit claiming they assaulted a man in a nightclub.  After the dust had settled it appears that neither Pouncey brother was involved in the alleged altercation according to the police but that is besides that point.  We all know that the Pouncey twins were friends with Aaron Hernandez during their time as Florida Gators.  Now I am not inferring at all that the Pouncey bros were or are tied to Hernandez and his crimes.  What I am saying though is that it’s getting very tiring to keep hearing Maurkice’s name come up every offseason for something he and his brother did wrong.  Last year it was the brilliant idea to wear “Free Hernandez” shirts to a club.  This year it’s the alleged assault.  Trouble or controversy seems to follow these two.

As far as on the field, I think Pouncey is worth $44 million the Steelers gave him.  In his four-year career, Maurkice is a three-time Pro Bowler and by most accounts he is considered the top center in the game.  Last year he went down with an ACL injury in week one but the Steelers showed their faith in him by rewarding him with the large contract.  At the time I thought it was a great plan to lock up a premier player at his position, despite Ben Roethlisberger also needing an extension.

Now I’m not so sure giving the 24-year-old Pouncey such a huge contract.  First off it remains to be seen if Pouncey will get back to his All-Pro level of play on the field.  Hopefully the ACL is fully healed and his health won’t be an issue.  Furthermore, Pouncey needs to show the Steelers he is responsible enough to live up to the expectations of the contract.  I’m sure the front office isn’t too pleased that just 30 days after having him sign the dotted line he is now being mentioned in police reports.  Whether anything happened in this alleged altercation or not the last thing the Steelers need is to have to constantly worry about their $44 million dollar man getting in trouble with the law.

What do you think Steelers Nation?  Am I overreacting about this latest Pouncey incident?  Or are his off the field actions beginning to become a serious problem?

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  • Dave Buzard

    I initially thought the mistake with the huge contract was that Pouncey hasn’t proven to be overly durable so far and that a pile of money had been invested in a part time player. The lad has made a few questionable choices in his life. The ‘Free Hernandez’ shirt comes to mind. Time will tell.

  • John Beckwith

    Where there is smoke there is fire–and there is definitely smoke here. Zebras can’t change their stripes, and you gotta play to the whistle.

  • Kyle

    This stuff happens. He wasn’t arrested, hasn’t been named on the police report. Just because some woman posts on Instagram doesn’t make it so.

    That being said, no team of choir boys has every won the SB. Didn’t Joey Porter fight some guy in a casino, on tape? Harrison was charged with assault on somebody, I think his girlfriend. Lord only knows what the 70′s guys got into. If Pouncey did everything that is said that he did, it’s still a blip. And there is no evidence that he did anything

    • Paul Dargi

      Pouncy over paid always hurt .they did fine without him with the guys they got off there couches last year

      • John Beckwith

        If you don’t think there is a leap in quality between the guys last year and Pouncey…then, you sir, are completely off the reservation.

        • Paul Dargi

          Only time will tell when the next time dude gets hurt or in trouble! I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think he was worth the money .and are run game picked up when we got bell back and how many games did they win in the second half of the season !where was pouncy on the side lines ..I personally think the money should of been spent on a wide rec .

        • Paul Dargi

          They could of used him in the green baySB .but where was he when they needed him

          • John Beckwith

            Injuries happen–im sure if he could pick and choose when to get injured, he wouldn’t of chose then. He doesn’t have a defective ACL, but when a 300 lb guy happens to roll up on your knee, things happen. Clearly we do not have an athlete or former athlete here.

      • Kyle

        Pulling guys off the couch is not a long-term success plan. And by “fine,” do you mean that we finished 27th in rushing last year? And, the “always injured” thing is really old. DeCastro has missed nearly half of his games since he was drafted. Nobody says he is injury prone. And they shouldn’t. And Pounce has missed a lot less, percentage-wise.

        • Paul Dargi

          I agree I was at the pre season game when decastro was knocked out for the season .and we sucked running the ball cause until bell came back we didn’t have a real running back .we will see if he’s worth it this year I bet he don’t play 16 games .believe me I want to see a seventh just as much as the rest of us

      • ApexSteel

        He missed 5 games before that freak accident this year. Not to mention the running game was non existent.

        • Paul Dargi

          The running game nonexistent into bell came back n got his legs under him he played one game ,they could of done a 1 year deal to see if he can stay healthy big bens deal way more important !I

          • ApexSteel

            None if what you just said made any sense. Grammatically or from a football standpoint.

          • Hutch

            All your English are belong to us.

  • Kimmy

    Obviously the biggest risk in giving Pouncey the contract was that he hasn’t taken a snap since the ACL injury. But, at this point, it’s not a mistake or a win yet.
    His “off the field incidents” are really rather ridiculous. Football fans get rather conservative when it comes to what they think a player should and shouldn’t be doing in their free time. I do think Pouncey was an idiot for wearing a “Free Hernandez” hat right after the dude was indicted on murder charges, however, I’m not going to hold it against him for the rest of his life as if it’s similar to players who’ve done actual bad things with their free time (like maybe how the Ravens have spent their offseason).

    The facts so far in this incident are that neither Pouncey was listed on a police report and this accuser went to a personal injury attorney before going back to the police to make any kind of formal statement or accusation. Someone who thinks their Instagram or Twitter account is a viable source to accuse someone of wrong doing rather than the proper channels is certainly not a person I’d give a lot of credit to.

    • John Beckwith

      You are absolutely right–it doesn’t proclaim him (or them) as necessarily criminals along the lines of the Ravens lets say, but on the same accord it doesn’t fully exonerate them either.
      Frankly if I had the choice to have Maurkice be a straight edge guy I certainly would…furthermore the numerous (read 7) traffic violations et al. clearly point to the fact that he has little to no regard for authority and good judgment.
      It’s the pattern of behavior that most scares me and hanging around these types of miscreants is alarming.

  • Mark Hamilton

    The Free Hernandez incident showed immaturity. But if the police have said he wasn’t involved in the “alleged assault” it sounds like there is only 1 incident and is about a tasteless clothing choice. I think I heard on the radio that 6 separate Baltimore Ravens have been arrested this off-season. Let’s keep some perspective.

    • TiVoMan

      Totally agree with you, Mark.

      Judging by this article and the some of the critical comments being posted here, I think we need to remember Big Ben’s shaky moral history; according to some of you, Ben should be have been released or traded at least 2-3 years ago. And he certainly shouldn’t get a contract extension in the near future. But, it seems to me that Ben has “grown up” a lot the past couple of years (marrying a very nice woman undoubtedly helped with that). And I think he is indispensable right now for the Steeler team.
      And, as far as injuries, why is Troy still Steeler?

      Who’s to say that Pouncey can’t learn to “grow up”, too, if given a chance? Think about it. We’ve all made some mistakes in life, haven’t we…? And none of us know if Maurkice will continue to be injured a lot either….

      • Paul Dargi

        Agreeded big Ben dodged a bullet Rooney’s don’t put up with that type of off field behavior.I believe that’s why home’ s was cut ,if they didn’t have so much money invested in Ben,he would of been gone .lucky for Ben santonio and his off field drama gave the a fall guy ! Someone to take some of the attention away from Ben’ s stupidity!

  • Hutch

    I still think the A. Hernadez story could be a bunch of trouble for MP, and the Steelers.

  • Brian Nuckols

    According to Pro Football Focus he’s never cracked the top 10 in an individual season. I find the discrepancy interesting.