Pittsburgh Steelers: 2014 Season Preview

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new football season. The longest wait of the year is waiting for Steelers season to start. Now the workouts are done, the roster is set, and the preseason is a wrap. The Pittsburgh Steelers will soon kick off their 82nd season against the Cleveland Browns.

This year the Steelers will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first Super Bowl victory in 1974 in addition to the retirement of Joe Greene’s #75 jersey. The team will also wear helmet decals to honor the life of legendary coach Chuck Noll, who passed away this June.

For now we at Nice Pick Cowher have all you need to get you locked and loaded into the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers. We will break down the offseason and highlight the new additions and key departures to the roster. We will go through the schedule predicting wins and losses and even give you fantasy advice for those who want to know which Steelers to draft for your fantasy teams. Only thing that will be left to do after this will be to break out your Terrible Towels and get ready for the game!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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