Titans Are A Fraud (And I Have Proof)

Going into this season, the Tennessee Titans were considered an afterthought in a division which contained the perennially powerful Colts and up-and-coming Jaguars.  Although they also made the playoffs last year, losing to the Chargers in the Wild Card Round, people seemed to think Jacksonville was the team primed to make the jump to the next level when Peyton Manning and company began their eventual decline.

The Jags were quickly exposed as an overrated farce of a team while Indianapolis stumbled out of the gate due to injuries to key players.  Meanwhile, Tennessee got off to a fast start and never looked back.  Throughout the majority of the season, the Titans have consistently been ranked the top team in the AFC.  While it was easily justied when they were undefeated, the team has gone 2-2 over the past four games and could even wind up losing the #1 seed in the playoffs if they were to lose this weekend.

While their opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have marched through the toughest schedule in NFL history, a close examination of Tennessee’s year reveals an assortment of creampuffs and pushovers.  Rather than just knee-jerk declaring them the best team in the AFC due to their record, it becomes more and more apparent that this is a team whose reputation is built on a lie.  In fact, going week by week through their schedule, it becomes more and more clear that this team hasn’t beat anybody at all.

1 – Jacksonville W (17 – 10)     Jacksonville (5-9) stinks.

2 – Cincinnati W (24 – 7)       Cincinnati (2-11) stinks.

3 – Houston W (31 – 12)     Houston (7-7) came on late but stunk early.

4 – Minnesota W (30 – 17)     Winning record but Gus Frerotte?  Really?

5 – Baltimore W (13 – 10)    Rookie QB on a team that we beat twice.

7 – Kansas City W (34 – 10)     KC (2-12) stinks.

8 – Indianapolis W (31 – 21)     Manning, Harrison, and Sanders were all hurt.

9 – Green Bay W (19 – 16)     Green Bay (5-9) stinks yet came thisclose.

10 – Chicago W (21 – 14)     Kyle Orton?

11 – Jacksonville W (24 – 14)     See above.

12 – NY Jets L (34 – 13)      Jets are overrated yet blew them out at home.

13 – Detroit W (47 – 10)     Detroit (0-14) really really stinks.

14 – Cleveland W (28 – 9)       Cleveland (4-10) stinks.

15 – Houston L (13-12)        Another loss, this to a non-playoff team.

From what I’m seeing, they have two quality wins (Baltimore and Indianapolis).  The games against the NFC North teams don’t count because that division is the NFL’s version of a Cripple Fight.  Two of them don’t have quarterbacks, the one that does has no defense, and the fourth is the Pittsburgh Pirates of football.  Every other game is either against a bottom 5 team or a loss.  Color me unimpressed.

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  • http://blackandteal.com Jeanne

    Jacksonville started off poorly because the Titans decided to injure our entire offensive line during the first game.

    There is an interesting power ranking site that takes into account who you beat and lose to. And, sorry, they still  say the the Titans are better than you guys. http://beatpaths.com/

  • http://nicepickcowher.com/ Chris

    Um, the Steelers lost 2/5 of their opening day starting OL (and what they had left wasn’t great to begin with) this season and still went 11-3.  Making excuses over injuries is lame.  The Jags stunk this year because they have a mediocre QB, statues along the DL, a dumb coach, and their best WR is a cokehead.

    And thanks for the link but their methodology is questionable at best.  The Steelers had the toughest schedule IN NFL HISTORY.  I’m sure dorks with graphing calculators can come up with an equation to prove elephants can fly but that doesn’t make it so.

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  • http://blackandteal.com Jeanne

    The toughest schedule doesn’t measure up when the teams you play are supposed to be hard and they end up faltering this year. See: the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

  • http://nicepickcowher.com/ Chris

    True.  But for every team that faltered this year (like Jaguars), another team stepped up (like the Ravens).  Take 30 seconds and compare the two schedules because clearly you’ve not seen who the Steelers played this year.  The Steelers played 5 teams that are .500 or below, the Titans played 9.  The Steelers played 4 teams in the playoffs (if the season ends today), the Titans played 2.  Comparing the schedules is not even close.

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  • http://www.usaweekend.com/03_issues/030518/030518springtravel.html treeher

    Big Ben had one of his big brain cramps against Tennessee.  If they play again, Pittsburgh beats ‘em.  Even with all Ben’s fumbles and interceptions, Stillers were only down 3 points in second half until Casey Hampton’s stupid penalty on 4th down.

  • http://nicepickcowher.com/ Chris

    Let’s worry about getting revenge on the Titans when we get there.  There’s a lot of football yet to be played before we start worrying about that game.